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Salam (سلام).

Life in Australia; relaxing, sunny, and easy. True? That’s what most people think. Hello, my name is Fred is an image-text series which explores daily life occurrences growing up as a second-generation Iranian in Australia. Despite being born in Australia, Emma Rahmani experienced countless acts of prejudice during her upbringing, due to her skin colour and her family’s cultural values. In this project, she reflects on situations, questions and remarks which she perceived as normal during her youth, but now realises are extremely problematic. She utilises humour as an element to add satire to her work, as well as to emphasise the stupidity of what others have thought are regular, innocent comments. Through a series of interviews with various second-generation Iranian Australians, she gathers together stories and experiences which are all relatable for one another.

In July 2022, Hello, my name is Fred was on display at the Biblioteca Esquerra de l'Eixample, Agustí Centelles in Barcelona.

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Exhibited at Biblioteca Esquerra de l'Eixample in Barcelona, Spain, July 2022

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